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Week 4 Craft: Clay Cactus

We've reach the southwestern part of the country and our Adventure Across America. We're celebrating this region by making a cactus out of clay!

You can make any kind of cactus that you want - we've made a few different kinds to act as inspiration.

Materials for this week's craft are available for pick up at the library. You can also use materials you have at home and just follow the directions below.

We'd love to see what kind of cactus you make! Be sure to share pictures of your cactus with us on Facebook!

Materials Needed:

Ball of air dry clay



Small piece of pipe-cleaner

Small pot


Make the flower: Insert the pipe cleaner though the center of the flower and bend the tip to hold it in place. Push the flower into the top of your finished cactus.

Choose your cactus style: A: saguaro B: prickly pear C: star cactus. Follow the sculpting guide below to make your cactus.

Finishing Details: Press 1/2 of the toothpick into the bottom of the cactus.

Let your cactus dry for a day.

Fill the pot with dirt and push your cactus into the center.


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