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Road Trip Week 1: Local Road Trip: Portsmouth, NH

Our road trip around the country may be virtual, but there are plenty of amazing local road trips we can do that are inspired by the states we are virtually visiting each week. Because we are starting our road trip in New England, though, there are plenty of places we can visit for real without having to travel too far from home! For our first local road trip, Shilo, Alaina, and their families chose to visit Portsmouth, NH.

The day our group visited Portsmouth was an extremely hot 96 degree day, which wasn't ideal for walking around too much - but Prescott Park and the nearby Point of Graves burial ground had some cool and shady spots that were much appreciated. On a day where it doesn't feel like you are on the surface of the sun, there's so much to do downtown - you can easily spend a day exploring the shops, trying new restaurants, visiting museums, watching a show, and more.

Another part of Portsmouth worth exploring is the water around it! We're giving away two $50 gift cards for the Isles of Shoals Steamship Company at the end of the summer reading program. The more you participate in our summer reading program, the more tickets you'll earn and the greater your chances of winning a cruise on the Piscataqua!


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