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We're Going on a Road Trip: Pack Your Suitcase

It's time to pack our suitcases so we're reading to hit the road for our Adventure Across America! You can pick up a suitcase cutout and directions at the library, or you can print the template below and make your suitcase at home.

Download PDF • 34KB

Materials Needed: Suitcase pattern Piece of string Glue or tape


  1. Cut out the suitcase pattern

  2. Fold all the flaps and sides of the suitcase.

  3. Put glue on all the flaps marked with an "X"

  4. Assemble the suitcase by pressing the glued flaps against the sides of the suitcase.

  5. Push the string through the two holes. Tie or tape the ends together.

  6. To close the suitcase, push the top down and pull the string through the slit. Now you can carry it safely.

  7. Decorate the suitcase.


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