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Community Resilience Workshop

In November, Berwick residents were invited to participate in a community resilience workshop at the library. Led by the Town of Berwick and the Southern Maine Planning and Development Commission, the workshop featured experts and participants discussing climate impacts in Berwick and priority projects for the community.

SMPDC’S sustainability coordinator, Karina Graeter, says changes in temperature and precipitation patterns are already impacting communities like Berwick. “More extreme heat in the summer is increasing the need for air conditioning. In winter, more precipitation falling as rain and sleet make roads more treacherous and wear them out faster. Summertime droughts are affecting private wells and farmers’ fields, while warming ponds, rivers, and streams are stressing our local ecosystems," she said.

The Town of Berwick is enrolling in the Community Resilience Partnership, a statewide program providing grants and direct support to municipal and tribal governments. This workshop was part of the enrollment process for the Partnership and enabled the town to identify projects, build community support, and apply for a grant. So far, the program has awarded $2.5 million in grant funding to 75 communities across Maine. The funds support efforts to install electric vehicle charging stations, develop walk/bike friendly street design standards, plan for changing climate conditions, and more.

Special thanks to Berwick Community Media for recording this program.



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