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Donation Guidelines

Berwick Public Library appreciates donations of new and used materials that are CLEAN and in GOOD CONDITION. Please use the following guidelines to determine if items can be donated. If you have a large donation, please talk to a staff member first in order for us to arrange a drop-off time.

All donations should be brought inside the library to avoid damage.
Please do not leave items outside or in the book drop.

YES, the library accepts:

  • Hardcover and paperback novels (best sellers, classics, and new releases)

  • Up-to-date non-fiction

  • Children's books and DVDs

  • Audiobooks on CD

  • DVDs

NO, the library does not accept:

  • VHS movies, audiobooks on tape, vinyl record albums

  • Computer manuals older than 2 years

  • Reader's Digest condensed books

  • Books that have been written in or highlighted

  • Old magazines (new magazines can be placed in our free magazine rack)

  • Anything damaged, discolored, moldy, or with a "basement" odor

  • Encyclopedias or dated reference books

  • Out-of-date travel books

  • Textbooks

Library staff members sort through all your donations to determine the condition of the materials. The same criteria for inclusion in the library's collection apply to gifts as to materials purchased by the library. Donations added to the collection may be subsequently withdrawn when they are worn or when content is no longer current. Materials not added to the library's collection may be sold in book sales organized by the Berwick Library Association. Proceeds from the sale of donated materials are used to support library activities.

While BPL cannot assign a dollar value to your donation, we are always happy to provide an acknowledgement of receipt of the materials. If you need a receipt for tax purposes, the library will
provide one.

We appreciate your donations and thank you for your compliance with these donation guidelines!

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