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Welcome to our junior area!

Our junior fiction and non-fiction books range from beginner chapter books to middle-grade novels. We also have a special display specifically for Maine Student Book Award books. 

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Boards, Builds, and Books

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Minecraft Cub

 Minecraft Club meets in person on Wednesdays at the library at 4pm. You can bring your own laptop or use a library computer. Players can also join us from home on our multiplayer server at

Join our Minecraft Club discord at for tips, screenshots, videos and more!

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Maine Student Book Award Books

Looking to read a Maine Student Book Award book? We have a special display of MSBA books located in our junior fiction area. MSBA books are also marked with a special bright pink sticker on the spine. 

Looking for some recommendations?

Check out some of Alaina's picks!

seance tea party.jpg

Seance Tea Party

by Reimena Yee

This graphic novel is so whimsical and enchanting. Lora is twelve years old and, while her friends would rather talk about boys and makeup, she would rather play make believe. While Lora drifts further from her friends, she is able to hold onto her childhood through her friendship with a friendly young ghost. This is such a magical and heart-wrenching story about friendship and the anxiety children can feel about growing up.



by Ben Guterson

When book-loving orphan Elizabeth Somers is sent to the magnificent Winterhouse Hotel for the holidays while her terrible aunt and uncle are on a trip, she discovers a magical book, secret powers, a mystery, and a curse only she can break. This is a very quiet, slow-paced, puzzle story that is perfect for anyone who has ever proudly declared "I'm a Hermione!" It's like a mash up of Harry Potter and The Westing Game with a dash of Matilda and Escape from Mr Lemoncello's Library

look both ways.jpg

Look Both Ways

by Jason Reynolds

This is a short, sweet, gorgeously written story featuring a wide group of children during their various experiences walking home from school. Although each chapter focuses on a specific child or group of friends, other children from other chapters will occasionally make an appearance in the "background" to show how these stories are all woven together. This book covers everything from boogers to grief. For a small book, it packs a big punch. 

insignificant events in the life of a ca

Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus

by Dusti Bowling

Aven Green is devastated when her parents buy a rundown western theme park in Arizona. Not only does it mean moving across the country, it also means Aven will be the new girl everyone stares at because she was born without arms. At her new school, Aven becomes fast friends with two other outcasts - Connor, who has Tourette's Syndrome, and Zion, who is teased for being overweight. Together, the friends uncover a mystery at the theme park that they are determined to solve. This is a story about friendship and family with a dash of mystery thrown in. Aven is kind, hilarious, and full of positive energy, and her friendship with Connor and Zion is both heartwarming and inspiring - they support one another, push each other to overcome challenges, and lift each other up when they are struggling. 

dress coded.jpg

Dress Coded

by Carrie Firestone

Molly Frost is fed up with her school's dress code, which targets girls and makes them feel ashamed of their bodies. To protest, she starts a podcast to document the unfairness of the dress code, which eventually leads to a rebellion. While this book centers around dress codes, it is also very much a friendship story. Not just about supporting friends, but also building new relationships and recognizing that some friendships have expiration dates - and that's not a bad thing!

enola holmes.jpg

Enola Holmes Series

by Nancy Springer

Did you know the Netflix movie Enola Holmes is based on a series of books? And that the book series has been turned into a graphic novel series? Enola is the teenage sister of the famous Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes. When her mother mysteriously vanishes, Sherlock and Mycroft want to send Enola to boarding school so she can learn to be a proper young woman - but Enola has other ideas! Following clues left behind by her mother, Enola escapes to London, where she gets entangled in various mysteries. 

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