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Glue Swirl Suncatchers

This craft is fast to make but takes time to dry. If you make it in the morning and leave it in the sunlight it will be dry by the afternoon.


School glue, food coloring, a flexible plastic lid, toothpick, string, and a hole punch.


1. Squeeze some glue into the center of your plastic lid in a circle until it is slightly larger than the size of a quarter.

2. Add 1 or 2 drops of food coloring, one on each side. Swirl the colors around the glue using a toothpick.

3. Set the lid on a flat surface and let it dry. If it is in the sunlight it will try within 5 hours. NOTE: The colors will darken, blur, and blend together as the glue dries.

4. When the glue swirl is dry, twist and bend the lid to loosen the glue, then carefully peel it off the lid. NOTE: If you try to remove the glue swirl too soon it will stick a lot.

5. Use a hole punch to make a hole on one side of the glue swirl. Put a string though the hole and tie it.

6. Hang your glue swirl on the window with tape and see the colors shine through.

To see Sara complete this craft, check out this video:


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