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Meet and Bleat at the Library

Berwick for a Lifetime, a sub-committee of Envision Berwick, hosted a Meet and Bleat at the library in November. Jeremy Kasten, chair of Envision Berwick, brought some of his Nigerian dwarf goats to the library for visitors of all ages to meet and learn about.

Berwick for a Lifetime works to enrich the lives of the older residents of Berwick. Their focus is on helping seniors thrive, access services, and be able to stay in their homes for as long as they want. Through multi-generational events (like Meet and Bleat!) and programming geared towards older adults, their hope is to raise awareness of the needs within the community and to demonstrate the importance of these programs for the health and well-being of people of all ages in the town of Berwick.

Berwick for a Lifetime organizes lunch and learn programs featuring presentations from Wentworth-Douglass Hospital, offers a weekly "Social Seniors" meet up at the library, assists seniors with information on food assistance programs, tax help, and sand buckets for the winter months, and lots more. Volunteers are always needed. For more information on Berwick for a Lifetime, contact Sharon at the library at

Special thanks to Berwick Community Media for filming this event and to Jeremy Kasten for bringing his goats to the library. Jeremy moved to Berwick from Harpswell, Maine, where he spent a year with his wife, two cats, a three-year-old, and a one-year-old learning to homestead and raise and grow their own food. Jeremy moved to Maine following a career in Hollywood where he created marketing for studio movies and produced, edited, and/or directed dozens of movies and TV shows. He is now restoring a farm in Berwick and enjoys every minute of volunteering in his town.



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