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Road Trip Week 5: Making Totchos

For this week's regional recipe, we're making totchos. Totchos are basically nachos that are made with tater tots instead of chips. We chose this recipe to represent this region of the country for two reasons. The first is that both tater tots and totchos were created in Oregon. The second is simply that they sound delicious and once I, Alaina, started thinking about them, I couldn't stop. So here we are.

Traditionally, totchos, like nachos, should have salsa on them, but since I was going to be eating these and don't like salsa, I opted to make a BBQ pulled pork version instead.

These were a hit! Try making your own with whatever nacho toppings you enjoy. Don't forget - you can make any regional recipe that you want; you don't have to do what we do!


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