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Staff at Home

Our library building may be closed, but we've been working hard behind the scenes to keep you entertained, informed, and connected. We shared a series of of staff working from home photos on Facebook and thought it would be fun to make a blog post about staff having fun. Check out what our staff members do to relax when they take a break from work! 


There are several things that I do to de-stress or relax that continue to be really helpful during these uncertain times. One of my favorite activities is biking. My husband and I have been biking together for many years and although we don't get out as often as we would like (everyday!) it is now one of our favorite exercises since our gym remains closed!  You see so much when biking - things you would never notice driving in a car. It is so nice and as the weather gets warmer, we will be out on the road even more!

The other thing that I love to do is to knit! I guess I find knitting the most relaxing things of all - a close second to spinning!  I own four spinning wheels - one is an antique (Great Wheel) and the other three are modern. My two cats love it when I spin, and are very naughty chasing the wheel and trying to eat the fiber! To me, creating something with my own two hands is so rewarding! 

During this pandemic, I wanted to work on a big knitting project to keep me focused and to inspire and challenge me. When this is all over and our lives get back to normal, I want to look at what I have made and remember all the good things that have come out of this experience. I am making the Noro Heart Blanket - hearts to remind me what is really important in life. One thing is to take the time to find enjoyment. love, and peace in our world.

Those are the things that I love to do to stay sane - how about you? 


Sometimes on dreary days, I sit down with my hot tea, turn on some soft Asian music, and write postcards to people all over the world who participate in the Postcrossing Club. This club has been around for 100 years!

When I write cards, I tell a little about where I live and what I enjoy. Each card I write has a unique message specifically for the person it's addressed to. I use colorful stamps, stickers, or cute drawing because I want the recipient to know I put care and love into their card.

It is nice to imagine the person on the other side of the world will read my card and feel encouraged the same way I do when I receive a card. It is a way for me to be a part of a exciting international community. Plus, receiving a card is a wonderfully uplifting experience. I have so far written and received about 500 cards from around the world since I joined in 2011.


My favorite place to be is in my home library. I set the actual bookcases up quite a while ago, but now that I'm done with my grad school classes for the summer, I finally have the time to fill them with my books. I can spend hours arranging and rearranging the books until things look just right - I find the whole process very calming. My library is my happy place, and I love being surrounded by my favorite books (especially my Nancy Drew collection!). 

Now that the weather has finally warmed up, I've been learning archery - something I've wanted to try for many years. Let's be honest - I'm pretty bad at it so far, but I'm having fun! Target practice is also a great way to break up the day and get away from my computer screen for a while. The ultimate stress relief, though, is spending time cuddling with my cat, Misu. I can't think of anything more relaxing than curling up with a good book and a warm cat!


During this COVID-19 crisis, the biggest challenge I have faced is trying to balance working two jobs from home with my daughter, Sylvia's, remote schooling, and with all the other aspects of taking care of a home, pets, and each other. When the weather is sunny and warm, this becomes so much easier! Sylvia and I are both Harry Potter fans (I've read the series through twice and am now reading it again with her) so we like to have Wizard Duels in the backyard. We have to be careful though, or our dog, Frances, will steal our wands and chew them up! We also have recently taken our kayak out for a ride. It's a little tricky with two people, but we are always up for an adventure - even when the kayak starts to fall off the car as we're driving it towards the pond (no worries - my dad rescued us with extra straps and strength)!

Finally, when I get a little time just to myself, my favorite place to be is my back porch. I usually have a little snack and some tea, along with a good book or crossword puzzle and, of course, my sun hat. Sometimes I don't even have the energy for reading and so I just sit and soak in the sun and the sounds and breathe. 

I hope you are also finding time for play and relaxation. These moments offer me peace and gratitude during these uncertain  - and stressful! and busy! - times and I wish the same for all of you.


I keep the bird feeder on my patio full of bird seed. I enjoy watching the birds fly in, eat the seeds, fly out, and return later for more food. This is what has helped make me happy during this pandemic. I have a beautiful red cardinal, robins, and chickadees all sharing the food. I'm an animal lover, and watching the birds sit and eat makes me happy!


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