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Talking with Birds: Finding Mindfulness & Nature Connection in Your Backyard

For most of our existence on planet earth, human beings have shared a common language with the rest of nature. This language allowed us to understand what the birds and other mammals were saying to each other, and us. It's only recently that we stopped paying attention to this language and instead have focused only on the language of our own kind.

In this talk, lifelong naturalist and bird expert Dan Gardoqui shares the good news that we can easily remember and re-learn this common language of nature by simply giving our attention and time to listening to the birds. Decades of research demonstrate the many physical, emotional, and mental health benefits of time spent in nature. Through stories and "how-to" steps, Dan explains the simple things we can do to find deeper connections with nature and overall mindfulness through immersion in nature. He also gives advice on how to better balance your screen time with more "green time."

Through his business Lead with Nature, Dan provides online courses, personal mentoring, expert guiding, and training and consulting services. Learn more at

Special thanks to Berwick Community Media for recording this library program.



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