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The Ship That Held Up Wall Street: Author Talk with Dr. Warren C. Riess

In this presentation, Dr. Warren C. Riess talks about his book The Ship that Held Up Wall Street, which tells the story of the discovery, excavation, and investigation of a ship entombed in Manhattan’s financial district for more than two hundred years. The ship proved to be the first major discovery of a British colonial merchant ship, but what was it and why was it buried in New York?

Years of arduous analytical detective work led the lecturer/author to critical breakthroughs revealing how the ship was designed and constructed, its probable identity, its history as a merchant ship, and why and how it came to be buried in Manhattan.

Dr. Riess is a Research Associate Professor, Emeritus of History at the University of Maine and the author of three books. During the past forty years, his research and teaching have focused on the maritime archaeology and history of the Americas. He is internationally known as the principal investigator of the archaeological investigation of an 18th-century British merchantman discovered in Manhattan; for his archaeological work on the Revolutionary War Penobscot Expedition; his articles and book on the 17th-century English galleon, Angel Gabriel; and his investigation of the ship found in 2010 at the World Trade Center.

Special thanks to Berwick Community Media for recording this library program.



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