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  • Sharon Kelly

Amber Fiel Art on Display

Amber Fiel is a creative cook and artist, dedicated wife and gamer, and loving mother to a daughter, two step daughters, three cats, and a dingo. She is also a student taking classes towards a degree in computer animation. Originally from Texas, she moved to Maine when she was a teen and currently resides in Berwick with her daughter, husband, and furry children.

Amber enjoys experimenting with different styles of art, including water colors, alcohol inks, and acrylics. She also loves combining different types of animals to create creatures she calls Animalgamates.

After touring U.S. hot spots for ghost, UFO, and cryptid sightings with her husband, they plan on retiring in the mountains where she will run a small breakfast burrito stand and support her husband in his search for Bigfoot.

You can see more of Amber’s artwork on Instagram at poggyp0gs. (Some content may not be suitable for children.)

Amber’s work will be on display at the Berwick Public Library for the months of January and February.

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