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The Broken Blade of Berwickia

A Summer Reading Adventure

Prologue: The Adventure Begins​

Once upon a time, the people of Berwickia lived in harmony, with each of the eight regions protected by The Blade of Berwickia. Citizens across the land worked together to forge the blade, adding one piece from every region, united by the goal of creating a talisman to keep their home safe.

For years, the blade’s glow shined across Berwickia, and the people lived in happiness and peace. But time passed, and the people went their separate ways back to their own regions. Old friends from other lands were forgotten and the united goal became a distant memory. Until one day, the blade lost its glow - and then shattered, scattering seven pieces back to each corner of Berwickia, leaving the people in confusion and fear.

The citizens of Berwickia need their blade restored to unite the land once again in peace and harmony. But the different regions haven’t worked together in many years and don’t know
where to begin.

And that’s why we need your help!  We need you to travel to each region, help the local residents find each piece of the blade, and restore it for the kingdom. Can you help?

How to Play:

We'll be adventuring through the land of Berwickia over the course of the summer reading program. Your mission is to collect a shard of The Blade of Berwickia from each region we visit, reforge the blade, and return it to the librarians in the Kingdom of Knowledge.


Playing along is easy! Each Friday, we'll share a new chapter in our story, along with an activity/puzzle you'll need to complete in order to acquire a shard of the blade. When you've completed the activity or puzzle, you'll color in a piece of the blade on your Adventure Log.
You'll also collect gifts from the residents of Berwickia that will help you along your journey.


Activities/puzzles will be available both at the library and on our website. It's up to you if you'd rather solve puzzles at home, complete in-person activities at the library, or do a mix of both. The storyline will be the same no matter which option you choose, although the activities/puzzles themselves may be different.


Did you miss a week? No problem - past activities/puzzles will always be available on the website. Just click on the region of Berwickia you need to visit and you'll be able to access the chapter of the story and activity/puzzle that you missed.


All ages are welcome to participate, although younger children will likely need the assistance of an adult to complete some of the puzzles.

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