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Chapter 1

The Dazzling Desert

You begin your quest in the Dazzling Desert with a map of Berwickia and a trail to
follow. It is too hot to travel in the day, but under the starlit sky, you trek through
the dunes and suddenly hear faint crying... Was that a meow? You follow the
sound, and discover a sand cat trapped in a cage! She appears unhurt but is
not pleased with her situation.

You have heard the legend of Berwickian sand cats, of course. So you know if you show them a special kindness, they will reward you by licking your hand, gifting you the ability to understand any living creature as long as they are close.

You search around the sand cat’s cage for a way to free her, and she licks your hand in appreciation. With this gift, you can understand her! She says her name is Ġenmēow (but friends like you can call her Gen) and she can show you where the first blade shard is located.


But first, she says, you have to solve the number lock on the      door of her cage.

                         Can you help free Gen so she can help you                                     find the blade?

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