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Recycled Windsock Craft


Paper tube, plastic bag, string, 2 pieces of paper, scissors, hole punch, tape, and crayons / colored pencils / markers


1. Place your tube on top of the paper. Draw a line across the paper at the top of the tube, so you know how tall your tube is.

2. Color below the line you just drew. Cut across the paper about an inch above your colored section. NOTE: This white section will be tucked into the tube later.

Prepare the bag & cut strips

3. Flatten the plastic bag onto a table and put a piece of paper on top. The paper will make it easier to cut the bag.

4. Cut off the sides of the bag so it is as wide as the paper. This has already been done in the image below. The bag should still be longer than the paper - you will need that extra length of bag later.

5. Using the paper to help you cut, cut the bag into 1-inch strips. Cut from the bottom of the bag to the top of the paper, but DO NOT cut the top of the bag that extends beyond the paper.

6. Flip your colored paper over and tape the bag top to the paper. Use at least 4 pieces of tape so that it is secure. (You can use glue or staples if you do not have tape)

7. Place the tube on top of the paper with the bag securely attached. Wrap the colored paper around the tube and push the top white section down into the top of the tube to hold it in place.

8. Use a piece of tape to seal the paper around the tube.

9. Notice that your bag strips are loops with a top and bottom layer. Cut the top layer of each loop near the top of the tube. When all the loops are cut you can trim them as short you like.

10. Punch 2 holes into the top of the tube and tie the string though each hole. You are finished!

Run around with the windsock, put it in front of a window, or hang it on a tree to see it move. Have fun!

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