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Cold Survivors: The Story of Wildlife in Winter with Dan Gardoqui

Can you imagine surviving the entire winter outdoors? What would it be like to have no fridge, pantry, or heat to help you make it through winter?

Expert naturalist Dan Gardoqui of Lead with Nature visited the library at the end of February to give a presentation and share stories all about the amazing adaptations that help animals thrive in the winter months. From moose to weasels, fish to frogs, and much more – you’ll be amazed at the remarkable abilities of your wild neighbors right outside your door.

Dan Gardoqui has been sharing his knowledge and passion for the more-than-human-world for over 30 years. A Certified Wildlife Tracker and Registered Maine Guide, he has an MS in Natural Resources and served as Science Faculty at Granite State College. Dan served as science editor for the bird language book "What the Robin Knows" and is well-known for his uncanny bird mimicry skills and his "Learn a Bird" series on YouTube. He currently runs Lead with Nature (, where he offers nature-based consulting services and educational adventures.

Special thanks to BCM for filming this presentation.



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