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"Coyote: America's Songdog" with Geri Vistein

Geri Vistein, Conservation Biologist and author of I Am Coyote, visited the library to present a fascinating talk about coyotes and our relationship with them, including things we can do to better coexist with them.

Geri Vistein is a Conservation Biologist whose focus is on carnivores and their vital role in maintaining the biodiversity of our planet. In addition to research and collaboration with fellow biologists, foresters, and organizations in Maine, she focuses her work on educating our Maine community about carnivores and how we can coexist with them. She achieves this by working closely with farmers who wish to learn coexisting skills; by creating outreach projects with artists, musicians, and puppeteers; experiential programs for children; giving support to educators; and by presenting various programs on carnivores and us to diverse audiences all over the state of Maine.

She is the author of I Am Coyote and the founder of Coyote Center for Carnivore Ecology and Coexistence, whose mission is to enhance awareness of the value of carnivore presence on our planet by providing a wide range of creative, educational, and research experiences for the people of New England, focusing on carnivores, their habitat, and their relationship to us. Visit her two educational websites at and

Special thanks to Berwick Community Media for recording this library program.



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