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Craft Week 3: Popsicle Stick Alligator

We're visiting the southern states this week, which means we might run into alligators!

You can pick up materials for this week's craft at the library or follow the directions below to make an alligator using your own materials from home.

Materials Needed:

2 pipe cleaners 1 craft stick Paper eyes Googly eyes Paper teeth

Glue Scissors Green marker

Directions: 1. Color the craft stick green.

2. Take a green pipe cleaner and place it in the middle of the craft stick.

3. Start wrapping the pipe cleaner around the craft stick, working your way toward one end of the stick.

4. Stop when you reach the point that 1/4 of the stick is still “unwrapped”.

5. Bend the tips to make feet and legs. Repeat the whole process on the other end of the stick.

6. Glue the teeth on the bottom of the craft stick.

7. Cut out the paper eyes and glue them to the top of the alligator. Glue the googly eyes on top of the paper eyes.

8. Draw nostrils and scales with a marker. Have fun!


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