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Road Trip Week 3: Local Road Trip: Wells Reserve

Join Alaina and Keith as they explore the Wells Reserve at Laudholm! This week's local road trip is inspired by Everglades National Park in Florida. There are no alligators to find in Wells, but there's lots of local wildlife to discover in the marsh!

Wells Reserve is a pretty massive place - you could spend all day exploring the trails and enjoying the beach. In this video, Alaina and Keith are on the Barrier Beach Trail, the Laird-Norton Trail, and the Cart Path, but, as you can see from this map, there are many more trails available. Be aware that there is an admission fee for anyone age 6 and up - $1 for children between 6 and 16 and $6 for anyone 16 and older. In addition to the trails, which are open from 7am to sunset, there is also a visitor center and exhibits to check out.


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