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Dandelion Lion Craft

Change your dandelions into lions with this fun craft! You don't need to make the entire lion's body if you are in a hurry. A simple paper lion's face can make any dandelion into a lion. Go outside and enjoy the sun!


2 dandelions, crayons or markers, scissors, a pencil, glue or tape, and a paper plate or cardstock.


1. Fold the paper plate in half. Draw the shape of a lions’ body with two legs. The lions back should be along the fold. Draw a tail and a circle for the head. NOTE: A printable template is available if needed.

Dandelion Lion Template
Download PDF • 239KB

2. Color the lion yellow, or another color of your choosing, on both sides of the template, then cut out the body, tail, and head.

3. Put some glue on the back of the circle that is the lion’s face. Press it into the center of the best dandelion you can find.

4. Cut small slits at the front and back of the lion’s body along the folds. This will help hold the head and tail on.

5. Turn the lion body upside down and add glue to the folded crease along the inside. Place the stem from the dandelion with the lion face into the glue. Fold the body around the stem, press it closed, and hold it for a moment while the glue sets.

6. Glue the paper tail into the slit in the back in order to complete your lion.

For a super fast dandelion lion, just cut out circles, draw faces on them, and glue them to your dandelions.

Go smile with the sun and enjoy the dandelions!



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