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Egg Carton Planter Craft

Earth Day was earlier this week and got us thinking about starting our gardens. The days may still be chilly (and the snow may keep reappearing!), but you can still grow plants indoors. Did you know you can turn a recycled egg carton into a planter? To create this week's craft, you will need the following materials:

egg carton scissors soil pepper (or fresh veggie of choice).


1. Remove the top and front from the carton with scissors. You can cut the trimmed carton in half if you want a smaller planter.

2. Add dirt into each cup of the egg carton. Poke a small hole in the center of the dirt in each cup.

3. Cut the pepper (or veggie of your choice) in half.

4. Scrape a few of the seeds off the pepper onto each section of the carton. Gently press the dirt on top of the seeds. It's okay if the seeds are not covered.

5. Sprinkle water over the seeds and put them in a sunny spot. Make sure to water them a tiny bit each day.

6. When the seeds grow larger you can put the tray into your garden or transplant the seedlings into a planter.

What other vegetables can you grow besides peppers? Growing your own veggies takes time, but it is totally worth it! Happy Earth Day!



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