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Fall Science and Activity Packets

Fall science and activity packets are now available for pick up at the library! These packets contain a mix of fall-themed science experiments and fun crafts. They are available alongside our curbside pick up items in front of the library. We will put the packets out during our business hours every day until we run out. Please take only one packet per child. Each kit contains the following activities:

Fizzy Dancing Corn: The fizzy dancing corn is a baking soda experiment that demonstrates buoyancy.

Sweets Tower Challenge: Engineering can be a fun and sweet learning experiment with the sweets tower challenge. Use toothpicks and candy to make the tallest tower you can. Try differently shaped bases to see which stays up longer. This challenge demonstrates the strength of the triangle.

Leaf Gem Magnet: The leaf gem magnet is a great hands-on activity. You can play with the clay and then sculpt it into a fun fall-themed magnet.

Origami Cat: The origami cat is very easy and cute.  Origami teaches spatial awareness..

Leaf Color Wheel: The leaf color wheel is a fun outside activity that celebrates the changing colors of the season. Collect as many leaves as you can and use your color wheel to arrange them in a beautiful circle. Fall Words Cryptogram: Can you decode all the fall-themed words?



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