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Learn to Play Chess with Paul Roberts

Paul Roberts from Chess in Education visited the library in February to introduce children and their parents to the game of chess. Chess can promote critical and creative thinking and is known as the "Game of Kings." This program was an introduction to the game and has been followed with several meet-ups as the group continues to learn new skills and strategies.

Paul Roberts is a retired public school educator with 34 years of classroom and administrative experience. He began playing chess on a rainy afternoon when he and a friend were searching for something to do and chess was one of the games his friend's parents had. They read the rules and began to play and Paul was hooked! He works part-time for Chess in Education-US, whose mission is to help classroom teachers integrate chess into the daily instruction. Paul has lived in the town of Berwick for 37 years with his wife. They raised two daughters and have three grandchildren.

Special thanks to Berwick Community Media for filming this program.



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