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Lightsaber Craft

May the Fourth - also known as Star Wars Day - is just days away, so Sara has put together a lightsaber craft to celebrate! Materials Needed: A piece of colored paper, a piece of black paper, tape, silver marker, and a pencil.


1. Fold your black paper in half, then fold it in half again and open it up. Cut one of the sections to use as your lightsaber handle.

2. Decorate the black rectangle with the silver marker. Set the decorated handle to the side and pick up the colored paper.

3. Put the pencil at an angle at the top corner of the paper. Roll the paper tightly around the pencil so that the paper makes a cone shape.

4. When your paper is all rolled up, remove the pencil and add some tape to keep the paper form unrolling. To change the sword shape, loosen or tighten one end until it looks the way you want before putting on the tape.

5. Put some tape on one side of the finished handle and wrap it around the bottom of your sword. Use more tape to secure it to the sword if necessary.

Padawan (apprentice) Jedi make their own lightsabers. Everyone's lightsaber is unique, just like yours. Check out Sara's video below to see the lightsaber she created!


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