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Never Too Old: Aging and Creativity

It's never too late to create! Ross Bachelder visited the library in May for a talk called "Never Too Old: Aging and Creativity"

Arts Multiple Ross Alan Bachelder — writer, musician, visual artist and avid, round-the-clock reader — has been a creative whirlwind for as long as he can remember, always eager to take on challenges he never imagined he'd be able to achieve. And now that he's climbed the ladder to his eighth decade (he turned 80 on New Year's Day, 2024), he feels he has at least some real-life authority in the matter of aging and creativity. Precisely what is creativity? And what can you do to make the rest of your precious years as satisfying, productive and rewarding as they can possibly be?0 “The possibilities are innumerable," says Ross, who published his first book when he was 70 and is now hard at work on his fourth. "Let's talk about them together!" 

Special thanks to Berwick Community Media for filming this program.



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