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Staff and Patron Favorites of 2021

We've checked out more than 16,500 items over the past year! Scroll through the gallery below to see some of the books that were checked out most frequently during 2021! Do you see any of your favorites?

Our staff members have read hundreds of books this past year. We have a wide range of interests, so our book choices cover a variety of genres and topics, and we enjoyed everything from new releases to books that have been on our "To Read" lists for years (and can finally be crossed off!). Check out the galleries below to see our favorite books we read in 2021!

Sharon's Favorites:

Alaina's Favorites:

Shilo's Favorites:

Sara's Favorites:

Sarah's Favorites:

Emma's Favorites:

Did any of the books we loved in 2021 make it onto your favorites list, too? Looking for a fun way to kick off your reading in 2022? Check out our Brrrrwicks Adult Winter Reading Challenge, which runs from January 1st to February 28th. This is a tri-town challenge open to teens and adults with a library card from either the Berwick Public Library, South Berwick Public Library, or D.A. Hurd Library. The more books you read, the more points you'll earn for your town and the more tickets you'll earn to enter for a chance to win one of our grand prizes: a $100 Amazon gift card, a $100 Barnes and Noble gift card, and a $100 Hannaford gift card. There will be two winners for each prize.

For more details about the reading challenge, visit our website or stop by the library!



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