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Staff Book Review: Renegades

In this staff book review, Sara shares her thoughts on Renegades by Marissa Meyer. Meyer is probably best known for her Lunar Chronicles series, which includes Cinder, the popular sci-fi retelling of Cinderella. Renegades is the first book in a trilogy and was on the Maine Student Book Award list in 2018.

Sara says:

The Renegades are a group of people with superpowers who established peace and order in a crumbled city full of violence, gangs, and anarchy. The Renegades claim to be heroes, a symbol of justice and hope to everyone except the villains, anarchists, and prodigies they once overthrew.

In this book, we meet Nova, a girl who can put others to sleep. She was raised by anarchists and thinks the Renegades are arrogant bullies. In her journey to join and overthrow the Renegades, she meets Adrian, who can make everything he draws come to life. Both Nova and Adrian struggle with right and wrong and what is best for the world.

A main theme in this book is that justice and rules have a lot of gray areas and it is good to understand everyone’s views. Nova and Adrian soon come to like and trust each other. They fall in love and their romance is cute and fun, as you would expect from Marissa Meyer. Both Nova and Adrian keep secrets and hate each other’s alter-egos, which causes plot twists to the amusement of the reader.

I felt that this book was faster paced than the Lunar Chronicles series. The main characters didn't grow as much as I had hoped and the side characters weren't fleshed out, but I did like Meyer's ending and how everything played out. I enjoyed reading this book, but not as much as I enjoyed Cinder and the rest of the Lunar Chronicles series. However, this book is definitely worth reading and I recommend it to anyone who likes Marissa Meyer's books. I like to compare books to food, and I would describe this book like a mini-size pack of M&M's - good, sweet, and fun and covered in sweet, colorful writing. The only sad part is that you don't get enough. For more information on this book, I highly recommend checking out Booktuber Still Waiting for My Satyr's spoiler-free review HERE. I agree with all her thoughts on this book!



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