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Volunteer Book Review: Home Before Dark

Check out volunteer Keith's review of Home Before Dark by Riley Sager:

If you like a scary ghost tale, then this is for you! This is a story about Maggie Holt, who lived a tumultuous month as a 6-year-old at Baneberry Hall, a haunted mansion in Vermont. The month of terror, which Maggie is too young to remember, causes the family to suddenly leave the property, belongings and all, never to return. Until now!

Shortly after the nightmarish month at Baneberry Hall, Maggie's father Ewan published a bestselling horror book about the family’s short stay at the mansion. The success of the book left the family with a bad reputation in town, and Maggie, who in the present has returned to Baneberry Hall with the intention of selling it, has to reluctantly convince everyone, including herself, that her now deceased father's story was just a lie in order to make a name for himself.

This story weaves back and forth through Ewan's perspective in the past and Maggie's in the present. Expertly told, we see the horrors unfold day by day in the past as Maggie, in the present, uncovers the true secrets of the mansion.

This story really had me creeped out several times. I found myself trying to put this book down in order to do other things then not being able to stop myself from picking it back up again. If you have read Riley Sager’s Lock Every Door, then you will thoroughly enjoy Home Before Dark, as well. Grab a blanket, a cup of coffee, leave the lights on, disregard any house noises, and enjoy this book - I did!



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