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Volunteer Recommendation: The Andromeda Evolution

BPL volunteer Keith recommends The Andromeda Evolution. Check out his review:

If you are familiar with the original Andromeda Strain book/movie by the late Michael Crichton, then this is a great follow-up book by Daniel H. Wilson that I’m sure you will enjoy. The story follows a small, hand-selected team of scientists while they investigate a strange anomaly located exactly on the Earth's equator deep in the Brazilian rain forest. The anomaly was discovered via satellite by a secret branch of the military originally enacted after the first Andromeda accident in Piedmont Arizona 50 years ago, and they have basically monitored the world without any further incident since then. Upon the discovery that the new anomaly exhibits similar traits to the original AS-1 strain from 50 years ago, the team is inserted into the jungle and is confronted with something entirely different and frightening. The newest rendition of AS-1 has changed into something incomprehensible, and it is threatening to eventually destroy everything. With the assistance of an astronaut with extraordinary special skills on the ISS, the race is on to stop the growth and eliminate the threat of the new organism, or whatever it is! However, things get complicated as members of the team no longer trust each other and the clock is ticking down to figure out the absolute truth of what the Andromeda strain actually is and why it is here again after 50 years.

I absolutely loved this book because it kept me on the edge of my seat not knowing what the new strain actually was. I particularly liked how the story line was in two different places that were connected, the jungle and the ISS orbiting Earth. I feel this could have been written by Michael Crichton as the story was fast-paced and filled with the same suspense that his books are. If you love a science fiction-type action story, then this book is for you. I absolutely loved it and I give it a big recommendation.



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