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Washable Marker Watercolor Paintings

Learn to make washable marker paintings that you can turn into a card for Mother's Day! Check out the video at the end to see Sara make one of these beautiful cards!

Materials Needed: washable markers (Crayola markers work best), a permanent marker, wax paper or large Ziploc bag, 2 sheets of white paper, and a water sprayer


1. Cut one piece of paper in half.

2. Use the permanent marker to draw pictures or messages on your half-sheet of paper. Put your paper on top of the full sheet of paper and put it to the side.

3. Take the wax paper and color it with markers until the colored section is larger than your paper. Make the marker lines as dark as you can.

4. Spray the colored wax paper with water very gently. The ink might ball up or look different, but that's okay.

5. Flip over your decorated paper and place it carefully onto the wet and colorful wax paper.

6. Carefully flip over the two pages together onto a blank piece of paper. You now can see the colors on your design. Use your hand to rub the back of the paper to spread the color all over your design.

7. Lift up the wax paper and look at your design. If you want more colors or layers, repeat steps 3-5 until it looks how you like.

When your painting dries you can decorate it more, glue it to a card and give it to someone to show your appreciation. Have fun! Don’t forget May 10th is Mother’s Day - your mom or grandma might love a watercolor painting!

To see video instructions for this craft, check out this video from Sara:



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