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Chapter 3

The Jammin' Jungle

Your new mushroom companion has a brilliant idea!
The animals may not be willing to talk to you, but 
the trees
might! Your companion chats with the Jammin’ 
Jungle trees
and learns the blade fragment is in the 
possession of
The Conductor – and getting it won’t 
be easy.

The Conductor keeps the animals under a spell so they’ll play music day and night, using the power of his magic wand. In order to get the fragment from him, you’ll need to get the animals to change their tune. Find the musical notes for a lullaby so The Conductor will fall asleep.

You enter the Jammin’ Jungle and are met with the sound of the animal symphony. The elephants are trumpeting, the birds are singing, and the monkeys are drumming on every surface they can find as everyone

plays along to a loud upbeat tune. You try to grab the attention of one of the elephants, but he doesn’t seem to hear you.

In fact, none of the animals seem to notice you – 
they are all focused on playing their song. How will you find the next blade fragment if you can’t ask anyone for help?

Online puzzle.png

With The Conductor snoring softly, you carefully take the piece of the blade from him. The animals around you are finally freed from his spell!

“Thank you a million!” 
an elephant cries. “I was so SICK of playing that tune!”

However, a parrot perched above chimes 
in, “What happens when
The Conductor wakes up? I don’t want to be under his spell again!”

An idea pops into your head, and you make your way back to The Conductor,
who is snoozing away. You reach down, and take his magic wand for your own. Without it,
The Conductor will never again bewitch the animals of the jungle.

“You have saved us all!” the elephant trumpets. “Best of luck to you on your journey. May you use that magic wand for good!” 
With your wand in hand, you and your friends trek out of the jungle

in search of the next missing piece!


Color in the Week 3 shard on the Adventure Log in your summer reading program packet. 


You now have The Conductor's wand in your possession. Visit the library to pick up a sticker of The Conductor's wand to add to your Adventure Log. 

Now that you've found the shard from The Jammin' Jungle, you can continue on your journey to

the next region of Berwickia: The Whispering Woods.

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