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Join us as a volunteer!

Did you know Berwick Public Library is always in need of volunteers? Two major tasks we always need help with are re-shelving books and shelf-reading. Shelf-reading is the process of reading the call numbers on the book spines on each shelf and making sure the items are in the proper order. With more than 20,000 materials in our library, this is a monumental task and our small staff has a hard time keeping up with it on their own. Shelf-reading is very important and, if you like organizing, this is the perfect volunteer opportunity for you!

Now that we have joined MILS and can share our materials with 9 libraries, we need to make sure all our materials receive new barcodes that are compatible with the software all the MILS libraries use. Thanks to some volunteers and board members, we have already made a dent in the number of books needing new barcodes, but there are still many more to go! Are you able to help us with this project? Barcoding materials involves using a computer and moving books on and off shelves using a book cart. Anyone interested in barcoding will go through a training process with a staff member.

Shelf-reading and barcoding can take place on your schedule any time during library hours. Do you have an hour or two a week to help us organize our materials?

Our needs aren't limited to shelf-reading and barcoding. There are many projects we need help with and we can easily find something for everyone! Stop by the circulation desk to learn more about how you can get started volunteering!

Want to get even more involved? Consider joining the Friends of the Library - learn more here.

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