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An Intro to Beanstack for Summer Reading

Beanstack is a fun and easy (and completely optional) way to track your reading and activities without using a paper form. To get started, simply go to our special Beanstack site at to register as a reader. A parent can register multiple children under one account or a child can register individually.

Once you are registered, simply choose the “Log Reading and Activities” button in the top left of the screen every time you complete a book or an activity from our list.

You can also log activities by clicking on the “Activity Badges” tab.

Under the Activity Badge tab, you’ll see a number of different badges for activity challenges, like the Cooking Challenge and Maine Challenge. Click on each challenge to open lists of all the different activities you can complete to earn raffle tickets for prizes. NOTE: Beanstack will use the word “points” - one point equals one raffle ticket. Click on the plus sign next to each activity you complete to earn a ticket. You can repeat activities as many times you’d like!

Don’t forget to submit all the ticket you earn for a chance to win prizes! Just click on the “Ticket Drawings” tab and you’ll see the number of tickets you have available to use and the prizes you can win. You get one ticket just for registering!

You can spread your tickets out across multiple prizes or enter them all for one prize - the choice is yours! Just click the “add tickets” button next to the prize of your choice and then indicate how many tickets you’d like to add (or remove if you change your mind) to the drawing.

And that’s it! Keep reading and completing activities to earn more tickets that you can submit for a chance to win some great prizes! You can continue earning and submitting tickets through August 15th. Have fun!

Note: If you are using a paper tracker form, staff members will be entering your virtual raffle tickets into the prize drawings of your choice on your behalf. There is a designated space on the tracker form to indicate to staff how many tickets you'd like to enter for each prize.



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