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Road Trip Week 1 Craft: Buoys

We are starting our Adventure Across America visiting the New England states. What better craft to represent this region than a lobster buoy? Each lobsterman has their own buoy designs to mark their lobster traps, so be sure to make your buoy your own with fun colors and designs.

We have two versions of this week's craft. One is a buoy that will actually float and can be made by all ages. The second version is decorative buoy that is a little harder to make.

Let's start with the floating buoy! You can pick up materials at the library to make this craft or follow the directions below using materials you have at home.

Materials Needed:

1 foam floatie (we used a small piece of a pool noodle) String Colored duck tape Scissors A sharp pencil Sharpie marker


1. Tie your string around the tip of a very sharp pencil.

2. Push the pencil with the string attached, through the top of the floatie (about 2 inches below the top). Push the pencil until it comes out the other side of the floatie.

3. Remove the string from the pencil. Tie the two ends of the string together.

4. Decorate the buoy using duck tape and sharpie markers. TIP: Cut the duck tape to make narrow strips or shapes to stick to your buoy.

This buoy will really float - check it out!

Experiment with your buoy!

Tie the string to objects and place it in the water. What happens if the object is too heavy? What if the water is deep? What difference would a longer string make? What do you think will happen?

Next let's make the decorative paper buoy, which requires a little more patience to complete, but looks neat when it's finished!

You will need to download and print the template below for this version of the craft:

Download PDF • 299KB

Materials needed:

Paper buoy pattern

1 paper straw

1 pipe cleaner

1 paper circle

Glue Tape Empty water bottle Scissors Markers


1. Decorate the white side of the page any way that you want. Use the guide on the other side to cut out the paper template.

2. Roll the cut template up and press on it so that it stays curled. Lay your bottle inside the curled paper and tape the paper around the bottle.

3. Fold the flaps at the top of the bottle and tape the flaps together.

4. Glue the white paper circle over taped flaps. Press the circle onto the buoy until it sticks well. Note: There should be gaps between the flaps below the circle at the top of the buoy.

6. Insert the pipe cleaner through the gaps at the top of the buoy. Twist the pipe cleaner together.

7. Close the bottom of the buoy by folding each flap down and securing them closed with tape.

8. Put two tape flaps on one end of the straw and stick it to the bottom of the buoy. Reinforce the area with more tape if necessary.

This is a pretty complicated craft. Check out the video below for a full tutorial on how to make a paper buoy!


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