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Road Trip Week 1: Cardboard Cars

How can we can go on a road trip without a vehicle? For this week's activity, we're making cardboard cars. You can make any type of vehicle you want (Alaina chose to make a camper van). There are also many ways to create your cardboard car - Alaina chose to flatten a cardboard box and cut out a design, but you could also keep a box whole and decorate the outside of it to look like a vehicle. If you'd rather just draw your road trip vehicle on a piece of paper, that's fine, too!

Each week of our summer reading program, you can color in a bumper sticker representing the region we're visiting. Once you've made your cardboard car, you can add a bumper sticker to it to track our Adventure Across America!

If you need a cardboard box, just ask at the library!

Looking for inspiration? Check out the cardboard camper that Alaina made to hang up at the library!

The camper van will be hanging up at the library all summer so we can add a new bumper sticker to it each week of the program. If you make a car for our virtual road trip, we'd love to see it! Be sure to share your creations on Facebook! Stop by the library each week for a new bumper sticker. And don't forget to enter our contest to design our 7th and final bumper sticker for our return home to Maine - you can download a template below! Entries must be submitted to the library by July 31st.

Download PDF • 100KB


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