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Road Trip Week 1: Making Lobster Rolls

Each week of our road trip, our staff members will be making recipes inspired by the regions we're visiting. This week, we're visiting New England, so we went in the kitchen with Keith, a library volunteer and Alaina's father, to make lobster rolls. There are many classic New England recipes we could've chosen this week. If you're joining us on our culinary tour of the country, feel free to make any New England recipe of your choosing - it can be an old favorite or something completely new.

There are many different ways to make lobster rolls, and everyone has their favorite. Keith makes them by mixing together lobster with some mayonnaise and chopped celery, a piece of lettuce, and that's it. The correct way to make a lobster roll is however you enjoy it!

Not a lobster fan? Some other recipes we considered for this week are Boston baked beans, clam chowder, and Boston brown bread. What do you think is a quintessential New England dish?


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