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Road Trip Week 7 Craft: Wet Felting

We've made it home to Maine! For this week's craft, we are wet felting Maine blueberries. You can pick up materials at the library or use the directions below with materials you have at home.

Be sure to watch the video tutorial to learn about wet felting!

Materials Needed:

Roving wool Felt leaves Warm water Drop of dish soap Scissors

Dry towel

Prepare: Lay a dry towel onto your table and put a bowl of warm water nearby. Have a drop of dish soap nearby and read to use.

Make the ball: Unroll your roving wool and cut it into tiny pieces. Bunch up the pieces of wool and pull them apart so that the fibers separate and the wool becomes very fluffy.

Form a rough ball with the fluffy roving wool. Dip the wool gently into warm water. Put a drop of soap on the wet wool. Roll the wool gently. Scratch and rub at the uneven areas on the wool. Once the wool is smooth, roll it on the dry towel and then between your hands. Push hard as you roll the ball. Keep rolling until the ball is firm and has a slight bounce.

Once your felt ball is dry, attach the felt leaves.



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