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Staff Book Review: Christmas With Tucker

In this staff review, Sharon Hall shares her thoughts on Christmas with Tucker by Greg Kincaid.

Sharon says:

Anyone who is an animal lover will enjoy the story of Tucker the dog, who is taken into the McCray home. The family live on a dairy farm and George, the 12 year-old grandson, lives there with his grandparents after the death of his dad and helps with the care of the dairy cattle on the farm.

Tucker the Irish Setter lives on a farm next door to the McCray family. George and Tucker meet and start spending time together. When the owner of Tucker is unable to care for him anymore, the McCray family take him in. George is put in charge of Tucker and they become inseparable.

Tucker is with George while getting all his chores done, like milking the cows and helping his grandfather plow the roads in the winter for the town. George's mother and sisters leave the farm and move back to Minnesota, but they visit George and his grandparents every Christmas. Tucker helps George through the loss of his dad because he isn't ready to leave the farm he considers home.

This is a heart-warming story of a boy and a dog who helped him persevere through many challenges, and it's a love story of a family that's perfect for readers of all ages. I loved it!



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