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Chapter 5

Captain's Cove


The ship arrives and you are invited aboard to meet Captain Mary Ana Trench. You tell the Captain about your quest and they are intrigued. They have had a treasure chest in their family for many years that supposedly contains the jewel from the hilt of the Blade of Berwickia. Unfortunately, the Captain has never been able to open the chest.

You arrive in Captain’s Cove and spot a ship in the distance, the Sea Spray. It’s too far away to call out to anyone, but there’s a nearby lighthouse where you can use your lantern to signal to the ship with Morse code.


“According to legend,” Captain Trench says, “there’s a map that will guide you to the combination to open the chest. I’ve had a small piece entrusted to me, but I’ve never been able to find the other pieces… At this point, I care more about solving this mystery than the jewel itself. Tell you what, you find the combination, you can keep the jewel.”

Captain Trench's treasure chest and the missing map pieces can be found at the library!
If you're playing along at home, complete the virtual escape room below before moving on with the story.

The Captain is overjoyed that you have opened the treasure chest, solving the decades-old mystery!

“As per our agreement, the jewel is yours,” they say, handing you the ruby.
“But I warn you, the journey before you is long and dangerous, and it’s easy
to lose your way.”

They give you a compass to take with you. "This will guide you," the Captain says, their

eyes serious but kind. "Trust it, and it will lead you true. The fate of Berwickia is in your hands!"

You accept the gift, feeling a mix of excitement and anxiety. As you step off the ship, Captain Trench and their crew cheer you on as you head off on your way to find the next piece of the blade!

Add a jewel to the hilt of the Blade of Berwickia from Week 1 on the Adventure Log in your summer reading program packet. 


You now have Captain Trench's compass. Visit the library to pick up a sticker of the compass to add to your Adventure Log. 

Now that you've found the jewel from the Captain's Cove, you can continue on your journey to
restore the Blade of Berwickia. The next region you visit is up to you.
Will you climb over The Perilous Peak or travel through The Treacherous Tunnels?

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