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The Case
of Berwick's Missing Bees

The bees in Berwick have vanished! Can you help us figure out who is responsible? We've narrowed it down to five suspects who may be unknowingly harming bees in the community. Solving this mystery and finding the culprit will require completing puzzles throughout the summer. 

To get started check out the "how to play" guide below, then meet our five suspects. 

How to Play

We'll have a new puzzle available every Friday to help you solve The Case of Berwick's Missing BeesThe solution to each week's puzzle will reveal a special clue or code word. You'll need to use the clue sheet  to keep track of all the code words so you can solve the mystery during the final week of our summer reading program!


Puzzles will be available both at the library and on our website on the main Summer Reading Program page. It's up to you if you'd rather solve puzzles at home, complete in-person puzzles at the library, or do a mix of both. The clues will be the same no matter which option you choose, although the puzzles themselves may be different.


Did you miss a week? No problem - past puzzles will always be available on the website.


All ages are welcome to participate, although younger children will likely need the assistance of an adult to complete the puzzles.


Thanks to a generous donation from Jetpack Comics in Rochester, participants in the The Case of Berwick's Missing Bees will receive a comic book and a $5 gift certificate to Jetpack Comics!


To claim your prize, simply show a staff member at the library your clue sheet with at least one code word solved.

Limit one comic book and gift certificate per person.

Ready to play?

Puzzles will be available at the library and on the website every Friday starting June 23rd. Before you get started, be sure to Meet the Suspects!

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