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Road Trip Week 3


We've got a lot of states to visit this week as we head farther south - we're going to Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Texas!

This week's take-and-make craft is a popsicle stick alligator. You can pick up a take-and-make craft kit at the library all this week, or visit the blog post on the left for directions and use materials you already have at home.

week 3 sun and light.png

One of the places we're visiting this week is Florida, the Sunshine State. Did you know you can use the sun to tell time? Try it for yourself with this week's sundial STEM challenge! You can complete this challenge at home or at the library.

Our activity this week is inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr. and the many important moments in the Civil Rights Movement that took place in the states we are virtually visiting. Check out the "Activity" blog post on the left for directions on how to make an "I Have a Dream Mobile" - and don't forget to share your finished creation with us on Facebook!

dream mobile pic (3).jpg

This week's special program is Maker Day! Maker Day will take place at the library from 10am to 2pm on Tuesday, July 13th. The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard will be joining us with SeaPerch and some other fun STEM activities. We'll also have Maker Day At Home packets available at the library.

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