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Chapter 6

The Treacherous Tunnels

Inside the Treacherous Tunnel, you meet Terry the Terrible Turtle. But it seems Ulrich misunderstood. Terry is only terrible at directions. Otherwise, he's a fine little chap and he really wants to help you get through the tunnels.


He tried to make you a map ... but it turned out to be more of a challenging maze. See if you can use Terry's "map" to exit the tunnels and find the blade!

A printable version of Terry's "map" is available here.

Color in the Week 6 shard on the Adventure Log in your summer reading program packet. 


Terry is now joining you on your journey! Visit the library to pick up a sticker of Terry to add to your Adventure Log. 

Now that you've found the shard from the Treacherous Tunnels, you can continue on your journey
to the next region of Berwickia: The Fairy Ring Forest.

Terry is relieved you found your way out of the tunnels! And look, there’s the piece of the blade shining on the ground. You did it!

But now Terry is lost. He wanted to make sure you got out OK, but he has no idea how to get back to where he came from. He’s not even sure where he came from. Or where he is now.

“May I come with you, so I can at least ask you where I am when I’m lost?” Your companions are happy to let Terry join the team so he never feels lost again.
Together, you make your way to The Fairy Ring Forest...


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