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Road Trip Week 1


It's the first week of our virtual road trip, and we're leaving Maine to explore the other states in New England: New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Connecticut. 

Week 1 Craft.png

We have two variations of our craft available this week. You can make and decorate a buoy that will actually float...

Week 1 Local Road trip.png
Week 1 Regional Reads and Movies.png
Week 1 Regional Recipe.png
Week 1 STEM Challenge.png

...or you can make and decorate a paper lobster buoy. Materials and templates are available at the library! You can also visit our Craft blog post on the left for directions.

Our STEM challenge for the first week of our Adventure Across America involves boats and buoyancy.

You can complete this challenge at home or at the library! Check out the STEM Challenge post on the left for directions.

week 1 - boats and buoyancy.png

Join us for a special Zoom presentation this week on Wednesday, June 30th at 6:30pm with the Museum of Bad Art - "Dopplehangers". Call or email the library to sign up and receive the Zoom link for this event.

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