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June 26, 2021 - August 14, 2021

Click on each week to take part in our
Adventure Across America!


How to Participate
This year's summer reading program is open to all ages! We have two versions of the program available - one for patrons 12 and under and one for patrons 13 and up. No matter which version you're completing, you'll be able to earn tickets for our prize drawings by reading books and doing fun activities - the more you participate, the more tickets you'll earn! You can complete this program using a paper tracker form (which must be returned to the library by 3pm on August 14th) or online through Beanstack.

Program Overview

This is a 7-week program and we'll be "visiting" different states in the contiguous US each week, ending up home in Maine for the final week of our Adventure Across America. Each week includes a craft, STEM activity, color-in bumper sticker, and recipe - all themed around the states we're visiting that week. We'll also have special activities and programs, some local road trip ideas, book and movie recommendations, and resources to help you virtually explore and learn more about the different regions we're visiting.


We'll be giving away lots of prizes at the end of this year's summer reading program! We'll be announcing our prize winners at our wrap-up party on Friday, August 20th. Check out our prize page to see this year's prizes!


We have lots of fun events and activities for you to participate in this summer! We'll be sharing new activities each week, but we also have two activities that last most of the summer - our bumper sticker contest (entries due July 31st) and our virtual escape room (complete the room by August 14th to earn a ticket you can enter for a chance to win a prize). Learn more below!

We're (virtually) hitting the roads and exploring America this summer, and we want you to join us! 

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We've got a new bumper sticker available each week of our road trip, but we need your help to design our 7th and final bumper sticker! Download a template or pick one up at the library to participate in this art contest. Entries due by July 31st.

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Can you save the summer reading program prizes? Complete our virtual escape room and you'll earn a ticket you can enter for the prize of your choice! You must complete the escape room by August 14th in order to earn a ticket.

We're so excited about the great things we've got planned this summer - we hope you'll be part of the fun!

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